Carolina Runner Website Privacy Policy – June 23, 2018


Cookies are small files that are created on your device (computer, tablet, phone or another internet-enabled device). Carolina Runner uses cookies through Google Analytics to better understand how visitors to the Carolina Runner website use that website. Carolina Runner uses this information to improve the website so that it is more useful to visitors. The information collected through and reported by Google Analytics helps Carolina Runner understand the number of visits to the website, the number of new or return visitors, the average length of time spent on a page, the number of pages visited during a visit, the location of the visitors (city, state, country), the method used to find the website (internet search, referral from another website, directly accessing the website by typing the web address into a browser, or by clicking on a link that has been shared on social media or sent to a person by another person).

Carolina Runner does not connect the usage information derived through cookies to a specific person. Carolina Runner uses the information in an aggregate manner to improve the usefulness of the website to those visitors who choose to use the website.

If you do not wish to have cookies placed on your device for tracking this information, you may use the “private browsing” or “incognito browsing” options that most browsers offer (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). These options disallow the placement of cookies.


Carolina Runner collects race results information from other websites such as race websites and timing company websites. Carolina Runner does so to make the results of races available to runners. Carolina Runner does this also to provide a free service to runners who wish to be able to see much of their racing results consolidated in one place across many different races. The information Carolina Runner collects is information that is usually also made public by the race website or the timing company website. This information typically include the place (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc), the runner’s name, the runner’s gender, the runner’s age, the finishing time, the pace, and the runner’s city of residence. If you do not wish to have information about your results in a given race published on Carolina Runner, contact Carolina Runner through the Carolina Runner website and provide the name and date of the race and your name. Carolina Runner will change the result to be under the name “anonymous” on the Carolina Runner website.


Carolina Runner may collect information directly and voluntarily from visitors in three ways. First, if a visitor subscribes to the website. By subscribing, the visitor will receive e-mail updates every time there is a new posting at Carolina Runner. If a visitor has subscribed and wishes to unsubscribe, the visitor may scroll to the bottom of the most recent email received from Carolina Runner and click the unsubscribe link. Second, if a visitor uses the Contact form to send an inquiry to Carolina Runner that requires a response. Carolina Runner will use that information to respond to the contact and may retain that information offline to refer to the original contact if necessary. Third, if a user makes a comment on a post at the Carolina Runner website. If a visitor does not wish to be known by name, the visitor may make the comment anonymous.


Carolina Runner presents advertising supplied by Google Adsense on the Carolina Runner website. Those ads are selected and presented by Google Adsense and may use targeting techniques created and managed by Google to select which ads to present based on data that Google may have about those visitors.


Carolina Runner uses data collected in an aggregate fashion to provide the best experience possible at the Carolina Runner website for visitors who choose to use the Carolina Runner website.


Carolina Runner does not sell any data collected about its website visitors to any other parties. Carolina Runner displays advertisements on its website about certain races, but the placement of those ads is not based on any data collected from visitors. The placement of ads is driven by the fact the visitors to the Carolina Runner website are runners who run races.


CAROLINA RUNNER is operated by LOYALOGY INC, a North Carolina Corporation.

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