If you’re thinking about planning a first time running race (5k, 8k, 10k, 12k, 15k, Half Marathon, Marathon or whatever) and hope to make that race appeal to mainstream runners, following is a checklist of things to think about. If you’re requesting to have your race listed on the Carolina Runner Blog, we need at least the basics, including a link for registration and/or a registration form. The number of running races has increased dramatically in the past few years which equates to intense competition for participants. If you’re planning a race, you must present your best reason to compel runners to choose your race over all the other options they have on that day.



  • Race description and length.  Is the course length certified?
  • Course description and/or course map.  Pavement?  Trail?
  • Registration fee – link for online and/or registration form.
  • Do runners get a shirt?
  • Awards – overall awards, age group specifics, Masters, Grand Masters.
  • Timing – how will this be handled? By hand? Chip timing?
  • Refreshments – if you have some uniquely yummy refreshments you’re offering, disclose that. It might make the difference.


Date and time of the race and packet pickup.


Address, directions and map to race location. If there are any special considerations such as shuttling runners from a parking location to race location, be sure to disclose that. If there is a packet pickup in a location other than the race location and/or a day or more before the race, be sure to disclose that.


Many races are benefits that distribute funds to one or more causes. If that’s the case, describe the cause(s) in some level of detail to help runners know who benefits. Be sure to answer the question – “why should I pick your race over my other options on that day?”