Sip It Forward 4 Miler – Hoptown Brewing – Mooresville NC – March 19 – 2022


Sip It Forward® is Hoptown’s super drinkable blonde ale that’s on a mission:

To raise awareness and money for four annual charities.

Join us on March 19th to celebrate Hoptown’s Anniversary as we introduce the second year of Sip It Forward® charity beneficiaries. This race is a jump-start to the year-long fundraising efforts for this program.

Each runner & walker will receive a Sip It Forward® token in their runner’s pack to choose the charity they would like to make their donation too. The selections can begin on March 18th inside Hoptown.

Hoptown estimates at the close of year-one, they will raise over $15K for the current charities. With your help, we can make year two even bigger!

About the Run or Walk:

This is a four-mile run supporting 4 charities. If you choose the 4 Mile option, you will be timed. You can still walk the 4 miles, no rush, you just do you! The one-mile walk is not timed, and gives anyone and everyone a chance to participate.

Strollers are welcome. You can bring your dog for either distance but, we do ask that you start in the back, and your dog remains leashed. We encourage everyone to come out, bring their families and help raise some money for these four charities. You can read more about each charity by clicking on the DONATE button.


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