Results of the Hunter Subaru Trick or Trail 5k – October 19, 2019 – DuPont Forest – Hendersonville NC

Congratulations to all who completed the Trick or Trail 5k and Spooky Sprint One Mile. Veteran runner Wayne Boynton shared his comments about the event:

The Trick or Trail Run, a trail race at DuPont Forest, had one of those perfect storms, which is an oxymoron, using the word perfect to describe something terrible.

What occurred was a true tropical storm meeting cold air in the mountains of western North Carolina. The result was drenching rain, wind, near freezing temperatures (chill factor), flooded trails, and the darkest of nights . You can’t make this up and have people believe it. Had the race director known what was in store for the race, she would have renamed it “Hypothermia Mud Run.”

But the brave souls who donned their headlights, lined up for the start, braved the 5K, and finished will have bragging rights for the rest of their lives—they raced during a very cold tropical storm in the mountains and lived to tell about it.

Wayne Boynton

Results are available below at Run Signup. Results courtesy of iDaph Events.


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