Weaver Park to Sunset Dr Loop – North Asheville/Grove Park – Asheville NC Group Run (maybe)

I run this route quick regularly on Saturday mornings, unless there is a race I’m running. I’m running this course tomorrow morning (Saturday, June 29, 2019) starting at about 8:30 AM. It’s an easy pace, averaging about 10 minutes. Anyone interested is welcome to join me. I labeled this ‘group run maybe’ – that’s all a question of whether or not anyone shows up.

It’s reminiscent of the ‘old’ Shamrock 10k Race in Asheville, with an uphill pull to Sunset Drive, followed by a rolling cruise up Sunset Drive to the point at which Sunset Drive intersects with Patton Mountain Road and North Griffing. At that junction, the course goes downhill to the Rose Garden in North Asheville and down Kimberley Avenue to Evelyn and finally back to Weaver Park.


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