Asheville Urban Odyssey – September 23, 2018 – Asheville NC

The big adventure part of the Asheville Running Experience.


The Asheville Urban Odyssey is the most fun scavenger hunt you will ever do and a perfect representation of Asheville. Teams of four will leave One World Brewing – 10 Patton Ave- every ten minutes beginning at 12 noon and follow a series of clues to both obscure and well known Asheville locations.

At each location, a team member must complete a specific task before receiving their next clue (each team member will need to complete two tasks). After a team completes its eighth task they will make their way back to APB for their final challenge. The completion of the final challenge will constitute the finish time.

The use of smart phones is not only allowed but highly encouraged. Teams can phone a friend or ask passersby for assistance. The only rule is you follow traffic laws along the route.

Race Cap

There is a team race cap of 16 teams.

Entry Fees

January 2-February 28, 2018 – $100 per team
March 1-August 31 – $120 per team
September 1-September 23, 2017 – $140 per team


The event will include all of the downtown Asheville and teams can expect to walk between 3 and 5 miles during their journey. Teams must follow all traffic regulations and those who don’t will be penalized (we will have spies all over the course).

​Team Check-In/Late Registration

Rolling check-ins from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM on Sunday, September 23 – One World Brewing – 10 Patton Ave


The Asheville Running Experience is offering shirts for all events on an ala carte basis. If you would like an Asheville Urban Odyssey shirt, you may purchase one for $10 during the online registration process.


Each member of the winning team will receive a $100 gift card to Frugal Backpacker.


The clock will start once you receive the first clue and stop when you finish your final task at the finish line.


Downtown street and lot parking available


There are no transfers or refunds for this event. Show up with a team of four.


Team times will be posted at the end of the day at



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