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Race Professional Blogger Program


If you are involved in race directing or race promotion, the Carolina Runner Race Professional Blogging Program may be a powerful tool to accelerate the reach of your event communication efforts.

Carolina Runner is a widely-viewed blog about racing events in North and South Carolina, as well as bordering areas. Created in 2006 by Dennis Duffy, an avid runner and marketing consultant, Carolina Runner is viewed an average of 300,000 times per year.


Qualifying race professionals are eligible to have a blogging account at the Carolina Runner website. As a Race Professional Blogger, you’ll have an author account at Carolina Runner which allows you to write and publish blog postings about your events. When you publish a blog posting, the post immediately appears on the Carolina Runner website home page. Also, the post is instantly distributed to the subscribers of Carolina Runner (through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail subscribers).  The subscriber base (Facebook, Twitter and e-mail) is currently about 4,100.


  • As a race professional, you have a platform to reach a large audience to communicate with runners about your events.
  • Create an initial post about the event. It’s published, appears on Carolina Runner Facebook, Twitter and sent to e-mail subscribers.
  • Create additional posts along the way as sponsors come on board, race swag is announced, and other enthusiastic communication efforts.  And so on.

You have unlimited publishing capability for a full year. The price of access is $150 per year. Think about it. Let’s say you’re directing an event and the fee is $35. If you register 20 more participants because of your blogging outreach, you would generate $700 for your $150 investment.  If you are involved with multiple events, your $150 investment will yield even greater returns.


If you are interested in subscribing to the Race Professional Blogging program, please complete the form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP with next steps.

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