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Results of the Fiddlin 5k – April 14, 2018 – Mars Hill University – Mars Hill NC

Congratulations to Mark McDonagh and Jackie Rowley as male and female winners. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Mark McDonaghM2619:386:20
2Aiden MorelHilton Head ScM1624:598:03
3Vaughn RowleyArden NcM3525:428:17
4Andy GuzyArden NcM3726:228:30
5Jackie RowleyArden NcF3326:368:34
6becca HaleF4327:338:53
7mark EndriesM4528:079:03
8Katherine BenderMarshall NcF4228:409:14
9Joy PonderF4529:579:39
10Peggy EmoryBlack Mountain NcF6030:469:55
11Donna McLambF5731:0510:00
12Kate GuzyArden NcF3831:2010:05
13Ian EndriesM1032:4110:31
14Leslie DonovanMars Hill NcF5633:1110:41
15Danielle HagermanMars Hill NcF3433:2310:45
16Richard MollandMarshall NcM6633:4810:53
17Blaine RiceM7837:2012:01
18Sophia MorelHilton Head ScF1038:0712:17
19Judy FutchMars Hill NcF6738:2012:20
20Sarah Bo DanzellF3638:2312:22
21Tim DonovanMars Hill NcM5538:2612:22
22Stacey JenkinsAsheville NcF2438:3012:24
23Alonna Van BumbleWeaverville NcF3238:3112:24
24Susan StigallWeaverville NcF5540:1712:58
25Rosie ChandlerMars Hill NcF3443:4814:06
26Rebecca ReevesRaleigh NcF3443:4814:06
27sharryl hagermanBurnsville NcF6644:0114:10
28Cathy KeithAsheville NcF6044:2814:19
29Gail RiceF7444:4314:24
30Toni WilliamsWeaverville NcF5446:4915:04
31William SewellMars Hill NcM6247:2115:15
32Shari BohagerF4548:1215:31
33Marsheila RiggsWeaverville NcF5751:2916:35
34Pam CassanegoMars Hill NcF5052:3416:55
35Kriss SandsMars Hill NcM7953:2017:10
36Barbara ShepardMars Hill NcF7159:0019:00
37Robin SmathersMars Hill NcF6359:4919:16
38Bonnie BallardMars Hill NcF3459:5019:16
39Lauren AzoulaiF6559:5519:18
40Chris RiggsWeaverville NcM551:00:2919:28
41Robert WilliamsWeaverville NcM571:00:3319:30
42Jim WoodruffM691:01:0519:40
43Carol EvansF621:01:0819:41
44Erin KingMarshall NcF301:02:2120:05
45Roger hartnerMarshall NcM741:02:5520:15
46Charla GnoresF621:03:3520:28
47Robert AllenM601:03:3520:28

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