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Results of the Mountaineer 2 Miler – March 24, 2018 – Waynesville Middle School – Waynesville NC

Congratulations to Andrew Thrasher and Scarlett Strickland as male and female winners. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

1Andrew ThrasherLake Junaluska NCM3111:20.95:40
2Luke ParrishWaynesville NCM1212:29.16:15
3Evan SmalleyWaynesville NCM1313:38.36:49
4Isaac StilesClyde NCM1515:22.47:41
5Riddick HeatherlyClyde NCM1115:28.97:44
6Scarlett StricklandWaynesville NCF1215:32.97:46
7Macy FisherClyde NCF1415:37.87:49
8Patricia LordSylva NCF5816:10.88:05
9Jesse FowlerWaynesville NCM2816:57.78:29
10Andrew DelbeneWaynesville NCM1317:10.58:35
11Heather KoonceMaggie Valley NCF3118:01.09:01
12Sherry RoaneAsheville NCF5818:03.89:02
13Robert RikerWaynesville NCM1218:14.49:07
14Julia OttieWaynesville NCF1218:19.29:10
15Jason OttieWaynesville NCM3818:23.29:12
16Lilley FaulknerWaynesville NCF1218:41.59:21
17Donna CopeCanton NCF6019:59.610:00
18Ali ParrishWaynesville NCF920:11.110:06
19Justin BrownWaynesville NCM1320:32.710:16
20Rob RikerWaynesville NCM4220:36.810:18
21Brad HeatherlyClyde NCM3121:02.710:31
22Robert DelbeneWaynesville NCM5321:29.810:45
23Harold McMahanBryson City NCM5822:00.711:00
24Savannah ZiglarMaggie Valley NCF1322:25.411:13
25Diane MullWaynesville NCF5822:38.711:19
26Iann BalokWaynesville NCM1122:41.011:21
27Tiffany ConradSylva NCF3822:43.511:22
28Hunter StrongWaynesville NCM723:35.511:48
29Rick MullWaynesville NCM5823:37.011:49
30Karen WilliamsWaynesville NCF3824:03.512:02
31Hartley VrableAsheville NCF626:59.713:30
32India VrableAsheville NCF926:59.913:30
33Allan VrableFort Lauderdale FLM4327:00.113:30
34Lyric HeatherlyClyde NCF1128:58.414:29

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