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Results of the Ascent at Mountain Air 5k – October 14, 2017 – Burnsville NC

Congratulations to everyone who completed this challenging and spectacular race. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Finish Line Pros.

1Stu MoranM4127:57.38:59
2Ricky BabaoffM4028:37.09:12
3Anne WheatlyF3228:48.19:16
4Jeff MorrisM3931:54.010:15
5Damon StreetM1633:30.910:46
6Armando ValenciaM1834:48.811:11
7Nick JohnsonM3035:30.811:25
8Jacob VoigtM2635:40.111:28
9Griffin WestonM2935:40.311:28
10Wesley LedfordM4036:03.511:35
11Drew PowerM2940:31.513:02
12Richard LillyM5542:00.413:30
13Tom DessereauM5642:45.313:45
14Katie SalmonsF2643:18.113:55
15Garry ShermanM6745:12.614:32
16Nadine McCowanF4046:12.814:51
17Tim RayM5648:12.915:30
18Joe SykesM7248:13.115:30
19Tim CarlsonM6248:48.915:41
20Angie PooleF5449:31.515:55
21Caryn MartinF4150:25.816:13
22Jill GottenstraterF4651:47.916:39
23Anna WarrenF4851:48.316:39
24Terrence O'MalleyM5853:04.817:04
25Fadile O'MalleyF4253:06.017:04
26Cass BeallM7154:00.817:22
27Jack LibertyM5854:05.317:23
28Courtney SykesF1454:20.217:28
29Donna HertlingF6654:40.317:35
30James HorneM6954:40.517:35
31Dena AbercrombieF4856:59.318:19
32Debbie LibertyF5658:29.918:48
33Kathy RayF5958:49.518:55
34Linda SykesF691:02:15.020:01
35Gail ShermanF651:03:46.520:30
36Roger CampM591:03:59.520:34

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