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Results of the Transylvania County K-9 Challenge – September 16, 2017 – Brevard NC

Doggies and their humans running together. Congratulations to Charles Miller & K-9: Henry and Freda Jessen & K-9: Whit as male and female winners. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

1Charles Miller & K-9: HenryM5736:15.712:05
2Freda Jessen & K-9: WhitF4141:06.213:42
3Sherry Downing & K-9: LucyF5242:09.914:03
4Jacksie Galloway & K-9: GruntF2143:54.114:38
5Kristen Gentry & K-9: ArloF3145:17.215:06
6Jessica Page & K-9: NorrieF3445:28.715:09
7Rachel Keener & K-9: CrockettF3348:47.816:16
8Elisabeth P?rez & K-9: CheoF5349:07.716:22
9Heather Coiner & K-9: MasonF5049:33.016:31
10Taylor Spoltore & K-9: CookieF2449:39.316:33
11Lisa Owen & K-9: PudgieF4950:48.816:56
12Brandon Shea & K-9: M2251:22.017:07
13Morgan Grogan & K-9: RemiF2652:28.517:29
14Kathy Case & K-9: TwiggyF4552:54.917:38
15Katie Weibel & K-9: JoeyF3453:13.717:44
16Kelli Mullenax & K-9: TobiF2353:29.417:50
17Amanda Alexander & K-9: LendleF4754:02.618:01
18Barbara Pharr & K-9: JordonF6755:38.618:33
19Colleen Hickerson & K-9: ScottF591:00:11.920:04
20Carolina Strifling & K-9: LucyF351:01:29.620:30
21William Thomas & K-9: LaneyM571:06:53.322:18
22Christine Thomas & K-9: ColbyF251:08:50.422:57
23Jayne Levine & K-9: JetF511:15:39.825:13:00

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