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Results of the Super Leader 5k – April 29, 2017 – Old Fort Elementary School – Old Fort NC

Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

1Brent TessneerNebo NCM4721:35.06:56
2Cristal BouchotOld Fort NCF2423:20.97:30
3Jason DashSwannanoa NCM1224:18.47:49
4Brady TipperOld Fort NCM924:36.37:55
5Jean TessneerNebo NCF4724:47.67:58
6Lucas DashSwannanoa NCM827:23.88:48
7Caden DavisMarion NCM1727:33.28:52
8Isabel BouchotOld Fort NCF1328:03.19:01
9Dakota HawotteOld Fort NCM1128:20.59:07
10Joseph WhiteOld Fort NCM2728:39.39:13
11Nathaniel PartonOld Fort NCM1128:40.89:13
12Shyenne TerryMorganton NCF1029:30.19:29
13Joshua FuentesOld Fort NCM1529:56.79:37
14Francesca LavenderOld Fort NCF930:12.99:43
15Byron HollowellOld Fort NCM1830:14.29:43
16Wesley HollowellOld Fort NCM1030:14.49:43
17Aaron SlutskyIcard NCM3930:27.99:47
18Gabriel TerryMorganton NCM1131:03.29:59
19Courtney KingSwannanoa NCF3831:10.310:01
20Sabrina TerryMorganton NCF3531:12.010:02
21Dawson RayOld Fort NCM1131:19.910:04
22Jennifer CroymansMarion NCF3331:24.510:06
23Beth DubrockOld Fort NCF3931:44.410:12
24Terra WyattOld Fort NCF4332:05.310:19
25Stella WhiteOld Fort NCF1032:08.010:20
26Megan WhiteOld Fort NCF3532:16.710:23
27Daniel CresonMarion NCM1732:25.510:25
28Tracy NelsonGranite Falls NCM5032:28.810:26
29Logan DashSwannanoa NCM1032:33.810:28
30Danny DashSwannanoa NCM3733:08.710:39
31Bryson RathboneOld Fort NCM1433:24.410:44
32Lester CopelandMorganton NCM7733:25.610:45
33Tristan MooreOld Fort NCM934:22.711:03
34Haleigh KamerBlack Mountain NCF1034:43.211:10
35Niki PoplinOld Fort NCF3734:44.711:10
36Arianna BahOld Fort NCF1034:48.111:11
37Gabriel DashSwannanoa NCF4035:19.011:21
38Faith FurrMarion NCF1737:14.611:58
39Terrell MooreOld Fort NCM3537:18.812:00
40Ariana MooreOld Fort NCF1137:30.612:03
41Bonita MercurioSwannanoa NCF3637:32.712:04
42Jobie WhiteOld Fort NCM1337:34.712:05
43Reece YearyOld Fort NCM838:07.912:15
44Bayz WhiteOld Fort NCM838:18.912:19
45Maddie HancockBlack Mountain NCF938:19.112:19
46Valkyrie BoekeMarion NCF2838:19.412:19
47Tanner FurrMarion NCM939:16.612:38
48Hayden BurnetteOld Fort NCM839:20.312:39
49Corry FordOld Fort NCF1040:23.612:59
50Carla KiserOld Fort NCF940:23.812:59
51Alyssa KiserOld Fort NCF1040:30.313:01
52Whitney MooreOld Fort NCF3040:33.213:02
53Tonya GesingAsheville NCF4340:33.613:02
54Michael GesingAsheville NCM4840:35.213:03
55Daniel DubrockOld Fort NCM941:45.113:25
56Isaac KingSwannanoa NCM1741:46.313:26
57Ashley MillsMarion NCF2842:17.813:36
58Michelle McCombsNebo NCF2642:55.513:48
59Dylan CampbellOld Fort NCM1743:32.314:00
60Eli TessneerNebo NCM944:00.014:09
61Jimmy BannerMorganton NCM7144:34.414:20
62Lydia PenlandMarion NCF2644:50.514:25
63Talma ParkerOld Fort NCF1145:00.914:28
64Jeffrey ParkerOld Fort NCM4145:24.414:36
65Trina MassingillOld Fort NCF3945:24.614:36
66Taylor MassingillOld Fort NCF845:39.114:41
67Claudia KiserOld Fort NCF3845:39.714:41
68John KiserOld Fort NCM4145:51.014:45
69Josh HouseOld Fort NCM1145:51.414:45
70Shea HouseMarion NCF1346:43.515:01
71Erika EfflerOld Fort NCF1246:43.915:01
72Angela RumfeltMarion NCF4346:53.315:05
73Autumn AndersonOld Fort NCF1147:42.915:20
74Kassidy StevensonOld Fort NCF1147:43.715:21
75Amy AndersonOld Fort NCF4347:44.215:21
76Daniel BaileyOld Fort NCM1148:16.615:31
77Danny SeagleMorganton NCM7848:17.615:32
78Javin LawsMarion NCM848:53.615:43
79Jessica LawsMarion NCF2949:44.415:59
80Corey OwiesnyMarion NCM2249:44.715:59
81Autumn PattersonMarion NCF2649:45.016:00
82Mackenzie ClarkOld Fort NCF1749:46.716:00
83Kenneth SchultzOld Fort NCM6149:50.416:01
84Bentley VasquezOld Fort NCM649:52.316:02
85Vincent WhiteOld Fort NCM3550:12.916:08
86Richard LavenderOld Fort NCM3550:24.616:12
87Naomi LavenderOld Fort NCF350:25.416:13
88Loretta LavenderOld Fort NCF150:39.716:17
89Violet LavenderOld Fort NCF3150:40.416:17
90J. Scott BannerMorganton NCM4950:50.816:21
91Linda TessneerMarion NCF6650:54.216:22
92Marcita BurnetteOld Fort NCF3851:01.416:24
93Bailey BurnetteOld Fort NCF1054:54.217:39
94Karen PotterOld Fort NCF6354:54.517:39
95Peyton WaldenOld Fort NCM1055:05.617:43
96Zane WyattOld Fort NCM1056:47.118:15
97Lilly CacawaSwannanoa NCF456:56.818:18
98Leeann CacawaSwannanoa NCF4259:43.619:12
99Julie LawsMarion NCF5759:43.919:12
100John LawsMarion NCM541:00:06.419:19
101Marianne HoyleOld Fort NCF591:00:06.819:19
102Stephanie HouseMarion NCF451:00:23.519:25
103Ansley RathboneOld Fort NCF111:00:24.619:25
104Emma YearyOld Fort NCF101:01:20.319:43
105Erica FurrMarion NCF351:01:20.819:43
106Hannah YearyOld Fort NCF341:02:53.620:13
107Jared GibsonOld Fort NCM121:03:04.220:17
108Jasmin VasquezOld Fort NCF301:03:36.220:27
109Leland VasquezOld Fort NCM91:16:21.224:33:00
110Kona BotelloOld Fort NCM01:16:32.524:37:00

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