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Results of the Run Baby Run 5k – May 7, 2017 – WakeMed Soccer Complex – Cary NC

Congratulations to everyone who came out for the event that benefits a very important cause. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

1Jedaiah RuhlNew Hill NCM1418:07.65:50
2Micah WinnDurham NCM1519:17.86:12
3Jackson WinnDurham NCM1719:45.16:21
4Joshua RuhlNew Hill NCM1519:47.66:22
5Josiah RuhlNew Hill NCM3320:45.46:40
6Caleb WeathersFuquay Varina NCM1421:24.46:53
7Henry NoelNew Hill NCM1521:27.46:54
8Mzee RuhlNew Hill NCM1421:45.87:00
9Will DanielFuquay Varina NCM1721:56.27:03
10Cade AdamsApex NCM1022:09.57:07
11Ryan MorganCary NCM1322:09.97:07
12Keaton AdamsApex NCM1122:19.17:11
13Gideon RuhlNew Hill NCM1322:24.97:12
14Daniel BakerCary NCM4622:54.77:22
15Zac TurnerWake Forest NCM3822:58.27:23
16Zack WeathersFuquay Varina NCM1723:54.77:41
17Micah AdamsApex NCM23:59.47:43
18Israel WillettApex NCM3324:21.77:50
19Cruz AdamsApex NCM824:38.47:55
20Emily BakerCary NCF1524:43.17:57
21Arrow RuhlNew Hill NCM824:44.87:57
22David DehartRaleigh NCM5524:54.48:00
23Asher MoonenFuquay Varina NCM1025:01.08:03
24Scott MoonenFuquay Varina NCM3925:06.68:04
25Jennifer BoemekeRaleigh NCF1225:16.88:07
26Teresa BloemekeRaleigh NCF1125:21.28:09
27Sarah WillettApex NCF3226:01.88:22
28J.Tate MenoldApex NCM1426:33.78:32
29Jennifer MenoldApex NCF4127:01.38:41
30David KeithFuquay Varina NCM1527:41.68:54
31Mary Elizabeth BakerFuquay NCF1128:02.59:01
32Ashley WallaceWillow Spring NCF2928:05.79:02
33Matthew AdamsApex NCM4128:36.69:12
34Stephanie BarnesHolly Springs NCF2328:39.59:13
35Carmen GrudenHolly Springs NCF3628:54.89:18
36Elana BrancatoFuquay Varina NCF1429:13.59:24
37Abigael BrancatoFuquay Varina NCF1329:14.19:24
38Grace MacPhersonMorrisville NCF1529:14.89:24
39Kelly VaughnFuquay-Varina NCF4029:37.49:31
40Oliver MenoldApex NCM1030:23.59:46
41Aribella MenoldApex NCF1230:24.49:46
42Caleb McLeodAngier NCM1130:25.89:47
43Parlyn MenoldApex NCF630:26.49:47
44Elizabeth BloemekeRaleigh NCF930:28.79:48
45Caroline BakerCary NCF1830:40.79:52
46Augie WohlschlaegerCary NCM1130:47.89:54
47Jamie ArnoldHolly Springs NCF3630:55.29:56
48Michelle MortonRaleigh NCF4830:55.69:56
49Karen WeathersFuquay Varina NCF5332:11.810:21
50Naomi HindsFuquay Varina NCF2232:25.110:25
51Rebekah HillRaleigh NCF2132:38.010:30
52Kathryn WeathersFuquay Varina NCF1732:55.810:35
53Hosanna RuhlNew Hill NCF632:56.310:35
54Joshua MenoldApex NCM3833:03.110:38
55Mackenzie McGrathRaleigh NCF2333:13.510:41
56Rachel MartinApex NCF1033:14.010:41
57Court WeathersFuquay Varina NCM5534:09.910:59
58Mary ArgentRaleigh NCF5434:24.811:04
59Seth CarterNCM3734:35.911:07
60Brooklyn WohlschlaegerCary NCF1734:55.011:14
61Austin ShoafCary NCM1734:55.411:14
62Kurt KoenigCary NCM4135:00.711:15
63Brendan MorganCary NCM4435:01.111:16
64Carey KoenigCary NCF3935:01.511:16
65Charlotte MoonenFuquay Varina NCF1235:05.511:17
66Avery StraussWillow Spring NCF1736:16.811:40
67Ashlyn HeckHolly Springs NCF2036:19.811:41
68Sarah NifongRaleigh NCF2636:25.311:43
69Amy StraussWillow Spring NCM4236:27.211:43
70Abbey Henson-IvesCary NCF2736:28.611:44
71Sean MorganCary NCM1537:17.411:59
72Peyton RogersM1237:18.412:00
73Ivy MoonenFuquay Varina NCF1438:32.512:23
74David DusenburyFuquay Varina NCM7838:39.112:26
75Katina JordanFuquay Varina NCF4438:43.612:27
76Melanie MartinFuquay Varina NCF1438:45.812:28
77Susan CoxHolly Springs NCF5039:19.212:39
78Ruth SorrellFuquay Varina NCF4939:20.912:39
79Robin FishWillow Spring NCF6339:58.312:51
80John McLeodAngier NCM4141:09.513:14
81Joshua TaylorCary NCM2341:10.913:14
82Annie Sophia BakerFuquay NCF845:29.414:37
83Brianna CrawfordFuquay Varina NCF1145:29.914:37
84Bettie IttenbachCary NCF6845:42.314:42
85Cat KeithFuquay Varina NCF1646:34.214:58
86Colby DanielFuquay Varina NCF1447:03.615:08
87Cassidy KeithFuquay Varina NCF1847:04.415:08
88Angel HarveyGarner NCF4647:12.415:11
89Alexis ThomasFuquay Varina NCF9947:24.515:14
90Gail McKinneyAngier NCF6347:54.515:24
91Rae StraussWillow Spring NCF947:55.415:24
92Sandy DePoloFuquay Varina NCF47:55.715:24
93Andy LenvielHolly Springs NCM4348:11.215:30
94Kimberly KoontsCary NCF3548:22.215:33
95Greg HarveyGarner NCM4848:24.715:34
96hannah noelholly springs NCF48:33.515:37
97Joyanna MartinFuquay Varina NCF1551:46.916:39
98Abbie McLeodAngier NCF1551:47.216:39
99Bethany McLeodAngier NCF1251:47.416:39
100Ashley PeroniFuquay-Varina NCF58:54.218:56
101Deborah EnglishHolly Springs NCF58:54.718:56

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