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Vertical Mile Challenge III – June 17, 2017 – Rocky Face Park – Hiddenite NC

Mark your calendars for the third installment of the Vertical Mile Challenge set for Saturday, June 17 at Rocky Face Park in Hiddenite, NC.  This extreme trail race continues to gain popularity for its scenic beauty as well as its difficulty. The race consists of a 2 mile loop that runners will complete eight times, equivalent to approximately 16 miles.


The course is approximately a two-mile loop beginning and ending at the bottom of the cliff face directly behind the parking lot. The course is paved for a short distance and then becomes typical single-track trail. After approximately 1/2 mile, runners will begin the 500-foot climb up the side of the mountain. At the top of the climb, the course reaches the Hollow Rock Trail and follows it down to the top of the lower rock face. At this point, runners will follow the Buzzard Loop trail to the end of the loop at the start/finish area. Runners will complete the loop eight times, equivalent to approximately 16 miles, and a vertical mile up and a vertical mile down.

The Vertical Mile Challenge will have an eight-hour cut-off. This cut-off will be done by only allowing those who have finished seven (7) loops by the end of seven (7) hours to continue onto the 8th loop. This cut-off is not a hard and fast rule. The event director may allow a few extra minutes at his discretion on a case by case basis.

At the base of the mountain near the start/finish area will be a self-service aid station with water, electrolyte drink, as well as salty and sweet snacks. Runners are encouraged to carry a bottle. Each loop, runners will travel a paved section along the base of the cliff which is an ideal place to bring your own drop bags with any special needs participants may have.


Race starts at 8:00 AM

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