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Results of the Fiddlin 5k – April 8, 2017 – Mars Hill NC

1Aiden MorelBluffton ScM1525:198:09
2Zach BentonMars Hill NcM2225:268:11
3Tricia DavisMills River NcF4725:308:13
4Susan GarlandArden NcF4826:258:30
5Becca HaleWeaverville NcF4226:398:35
6Raylene MorrowBurnsville NcF5326:598:41
7Mark EndriesWeaverville NcM4427:498:58
8Robert RatcliffBakersville NcM4628:519:18
9Matt MilnesWeaverville NcM4328:569:19
10Lorelai RamseyMars Hill NcF1129:269:29
11Larry VeatchMars Hill NcM6329:359:32
12Emerson BarnettMars Hill NcF1830:039:41
13Benjamin HallMarshall NcM4130:279:48
14Alicia HooverBoone NcF5130:299:49
15Jennifer McHoneMarshall NcF4130:319:50
16kelly corriherAsheville NcF3531:3010:09
17Troy HooverBoone NcM4931:4710:14
18Mary-Melissa HooverBoone NcF2231:5010:15
19Angena LeBarreBoone NcF2331:5010:15
20Blaine RiceAsheville NcM7732:4210:32
21Leslie DonovanMars Hill NcF5532:5710:37
22Larry PaceNewport TnM6033:1710:43
23Layla RamseyMars Hill NcF933:1810:44
24Lochlain RamseyMars Hill NcM733:2010:44
25Jeremy RamseyMars Hill NcM4633:2010:44
26Elnora ThompsonCherokee NcF6934:2011:04
27Marilyn KanarrMars Hill NcF5634:3711:09
28Danielle HagermanMars Hill NcF3235:4511:31
29Katlyn GarrisonMarshall NcF2236:1111:39
30Chelsey HensleyMarshall NcF1336:1711:41
31Brooke FranklinMarshall NcF1536:1711:41
32Tim DonovanMars Hill NcM5436:3411:47
33Wendy BarnettMars Hill NcF4736:3711:47
34Judy FutchMars Hill NcF6637:2212:02
35Kay GarrisonMarshall NcF5338:3312:25
36Peggy EmoryBlack Mountain NcF5941:2013:18
37Richard MollandMarshall NcM6542:5413:49
38Sophia MorelBluffton ScF942:5413:49
39Sarah Bo DanzellBluffton ScF3542:5713:50
40Karen CutshallMarshall NcF5342:5913:50
41Rosie ChandlerMars Hill NcF3343:5314:08
42Kinsley MascariAlexander NcF2243:5414:08
43Courtney FanflikAlexander NcF2643:5414:08
44Kim AstlerAsheville NcF6144:1514:15
45Kim AustinAsheville NcF5544:1514:15
46Jackie WrightMarshall NcF4244:3314:21
47Kade GentryMarshall NcM944:3314:21
48Liz DoupWeaverville NcF6845:1914:36
49Cindy PaceNewport TnF5749:4116:00
50Philip GarrisonMars Hill NcM5050:0516:08
51Crystal HensleyMarshall NcF3250:0616:08
52Cheri MacQueenMarshall NcF5350:2516:14
53Aimee PearsonMarshall NcF6650:2516:14
54Saylor Rose StootsFlag Pond TnF650:5916:25
55Connie StootsFlag Pond TnF4650:5916:25
56Claire JonesMars Hill NcF1952:4616:59
57Maria CastroMars Hill NcF1852:4717:00
58Ronnie FranklinMarshall NcM6054:3817:35
59Emily WheelerMarshall NcF4055:4417:57
60Brooke DavisMarshall NcF2055:4517:57
61Becky AmmonsMarshall NcF3157:3818:33
62Ronnie FoxMars Hill NcM5557:3818:33
63Jonathan AmmonsMarshall NcM3258:0018:40
64Kathy FoxMars Hill NcF5958:0118:41
65Kriss SandsMars Hill NcM7858:1018:44
66Susan ConnellyMarshall NcF6659:1819:06
67Karen PowellMarshall NcF7259:1819:06
68Suzanne DunnMars Hill NcF6659:2119:07
69J D CutshawMars Hill NcM421:00:2119:26
70Bonnie CutshawMars Hill NcF401:00:2219:26
71Teresa HammackMars Hill NcF641:01:2919:48
72Susan FranklinMarshall NcF501:01:3219:49
73Alpha HensleyMarshall NcF561:01:3419:49
74Shirley OrrMarshall NcF531:01:3719:50

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