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Results of the Joy to the World 5k – December 17, 2016 – Fletcher Park – Fletcher NC


Another nice Joy to the World 5k in the books this morning. Mild weather and a nice turnout (including dogs!). Great job to everyone who came out for this race.  Your participation will help send the senior class at Trinity of Fairview to Nicaragua for a mission trip next summer!

Congratulations to Austin Letson and Danielle Metz as male and female winners. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Austin LetsonAsheville NcM1917:275:37
2Dylan ChristopherFletcher NcM1617:565:47
3Zack BrownAsheville NcM3318:145:53
4Shawn HamiltonCandler NcM1718:165:53
5Joel CollierCanton NcM3518:536:05
6Tim BarhamBlack Mountain NcM1418:586:07
7Aubrey JohnsonArden NcM2219:506:23
8Shane TourtellotteAsheville NcM4819:566:25
9Brayden RobertsonFletcher NcM1420:246:34
10Mark McNeillAsheville NcM4021:026:47
11Danielle MetzBlack Mountain NcF2621:176:51
12Jason IngleCandler NcM4421:206:52
13Julia WilliamsAsheville NcF1721:336:57
14Steve DowningAsheville NcM5221:346:57
15Valerie GortmakerAsheville NcF4121:437:00
16Amber Reece-YoungAsheville NcF3821:537:03
17Ellen MaddockAsheville NcF3822:267:14
18Brittany CrispFairview NcF1922:297:14
19Adam GuiceFletcher NcM3522:297:15
20Marco BranckerFletcher NcM4322:387:17
21Jake JarrettArden NcM1123:077:27
22Cole HartmannSkyland NcM1423:117:28
23Darrin WhitaborFletcher NcM4923:327:35
24Allison DuncanAsheville NcF3023:347:35
25Cole Douglas-FieldsFairview NcM1924:067:46
26Julianne VanderkwaakAsheville NcF1824:538:01
27Nathanael BarhamBlack Mountain NcM3325:228:10
28Keely TaylorBurnsville NcF925:428:17
29Kennedy SorrellsCanton NcF1425:468:18
30Joey SorrellsCanton NcM4125:468:18
31Justin BishopFairview NcM2126:008:22
32Dennis DuffyAsheville NcM5826:068:24
33Sylas GonzalezFletcher NcM1626:548:40
34Greg OwenFletcher NcM4627:378:54
35Sherry GuiceFletcher NcF3427:428:55
36Alex JarrettArden NcM927:508:58
37Heather JarrettArden NcF3927:538:59
38Mary Wells LetsonAsheville NcF1328:059:03
39Kellett LetsonAsheville NcM4828:059:03
40Katie GibsonArden NcF2728:229:08
41Diane DouglasFairview NcF5028:239:09
42Mary Mac McPhersonFairview NcF1928:549:18
43Brad WardWeaverville NcM6229:079:23
44Seth HensonCanton NcM2329:119:24
45Tonya BissengerFletcher NcF4529:319:30
46Ryan WaltersCandler NcM4429:329:31
47Peter NewsomeMills River NcM5529:399:33
48Jay GonzalezFletcher NcM4629:429:34
49Ari FrayneFairview NcM1330:169:45
50Andrea KelpinFletcher NcF3930:169:45
51Jill FrayneFairview NcF4330:219:46
52Kai NewsomeMills River NcM1330:319:50
53Ella DoranAsheville NcF1830:569:58
54Amber BoroffWaynesville NcF3831:019:59
55Mike McDermottHendersonville NcM3431:0410:00
56Izzie BalcellsFletcher NcF2031:1310:03
57Eduardo BalcellsFletcher NcM5231:2210:06
58Stephanie WrightFairview NcF4631:3410:10
59Julie WanderFairview NcF6132:1610:23
60Tammy HarrisFletcher NcF4832:2010:25
61Stacy HarrisFletcher NcM4832:2110:25
62Brittany HarrisAsheville NcF2532:4710:33
63Kayla LindseyHendersonville NcF2832:4710:33
64Crystal JonesAsheville NcF4432:4810:34
65Jennifer BalkcomHendersonville NcF3733:0710:40
66Diego BalcellsFletcher NcM1634:2711:06
67Elnora ThompsonCherokee NcF6934:5211:14
68Chelsea ClarkFletcher NcF2335:1211:20
69Paulette BishopFairview NcF4635:5411:34
70Savannah WrightAsheville NcF1336:3011:45
71Douglas HarrisAsheville NcM2536:3611:47
72Josh EnglishZirconia NcM3436:3911:48
73Brandon PadgetArden NcM3536:3911:48
74Joshua OwenFletcher NcM1537:2512:03
75Sarah DowningAsheville NcF5237:4112:08
76Cristy BalcellsFletcher NcF4238:5212:31
77Brittany WaltersCandler NcF2939:4212:47
78Elizabeth LambHendersonville NcF2339:4812:49
79Katie GoodinFletcher NcF2940:0812:55
80Madeline O'ConnerFletcher NcF5340:3413:04
81Valerie YingstHendersonville NcF5440:4113:06
82Elizabeth LohseAlexander NcF6141:0913:15
83Sheila HuntlyFletcher NcF5641:2013:19
84Samantha RobertsonFletcher NcF3741:5813:31
85Angie LambHendersonville NcF4347:2015:14
86Kimberly CarterAsheville NcF1451:2116:32
87Jennifer CarterAsheville NcF5151:2216:32

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