Looking for Gardeners

I don’t do many posts here about non-running matters. However, this is one about gardening and I’ve found there is a correlation between runners and gardeners and this may be of interest to those people.

It’s about a new business that my wife and I have launched that helps avid gardeners keep track of their garden, plants, garden notes and garden pictures. It’s called Muddy Boots Plant Tags. It’s a web app that organizes plants, photos and journal notes in one place accessible by computer, tablet and phone. And it feature smart phone scannable plant tags that allow gardeners and visitors to scan a plant and learn all about it. The business soft-launched today and will begin national expansion in January.

We’re looking for avid gardeners to be BETA users, who will get six-months free and five free interactive plant tags for providing feedback over their first 30 days using the application.

If you’d like to be a BETA user, just sign up for a 30 day trial and let me know that you’re going to be a BETA user by sending me an e-mail

Run well!

Dennis Duffy

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