Rotary Ray of Hope Hare & Hounds 5k – June 25, 2016 – The Asheville School – Asheville NC

rotary ray of hope

This 5k is actually a running “game” where participants are given hound noses to wear and must “track” a hare through the course. Sounds like a very lively and entertaining time. Don’t forget to howl to your teammates when you get the scent of the hare!


What is a Hare and Hounds Fun Run: it’s a running game where a hare “marks” a trail and the hounds try to follow it. And at a fork in the road or trail, one might have to go a distance before finding the trail again and when they’re back on it, they start HOWLING like a hound. The others (who went the wrong way) catch up and you’re off again on the trail … until the next fork in the road. Strategy plays a key role in this game. It is fun for the whole family or competition among friends.


Asheville School
360 Asheville School Rd
Asheville, NC 28806


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