Jordan Lake 12 Hour Challenge – April 16, 2016 – New Hope Overlook – New Hill NC

jordan lake 12 hour challenge

Well this is a unique running event. You’ll be participating to see who can cover the most ground in 12 hours (from 7 AM to 7 PM). Runners will complete a 2.9 mile loop as many times as possible during the race. You’ll probably have that trail memorized by the end of the day!


How much distance can you cover in 12 hours? Come find out on a trail run with views of beautiful Jordan Lake!

Not up to 12 hours on your own? Find two friends to join you on a team and see what you can do together. Rest when you want, eat when you want, run or walk when you want and go as far as your aching body will take you in 12 hours.


448 W H Jones Rd
New Hill, NC 27562

Race starts at 7 AM.


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