Rockin Marathon Relay Charlotte – March 20, 2016 – Reedy Creek Park – Charlotte NC

rockin marathon relay

Relays are a great way to experience the competition of race day but also feel some great team spirit from your fellow relay team members. In this case, you’ll be completing 26.2 miles of small loops in Reedy Creek Park with 1-3 other runners.


Welcome to the fourth year of The Rockin’ Marathon Relay Charlotte! Team up with a group of 2-4 or run it solo. We will be at Reedy Creek Park again in 2016 using the same gorgeous course that we have for the past few years. Come on out for a great time, with awesome music, food, medals and prizes!!

The marathon relay is a great way to commune with other runners. Come up with your own strategy on how to tackle the event. Run four laps in a row each? Take turns running laps? However you do it you will finish 26.2 miles as a team and get an awesome medal for your hard work.


Reedy Creek Park
2900 Rocky River Road
Charlotte NC 28215

Race starts at 9 AM.



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