Southern Tour Ultra 50k + 50 Mile relay + 5 Miler – January 30, 2016 – Wilmington NC

Southern Tour

If you love Ultra’s, then you’ll have to check out Wilmington’s First Ultra Marathon Weekend! It offers a variety of events for everyone! 50K Ultra, 50 mile relay (10 person team or less) and 5mi Trail Run.  The race takes place on a beautiful piece of private property in Scotts Hill, just outside of Wilmington.


The 50K will be 6 loops of the 5 mile course. This course is a mix of 2 track, sandy trails and has spectacular views of what the land looked like before anything was built on the coastline of North Carolina. Runners will have 2 aid stations, 1 at the 2.5 mile mark and 1 at the check point.  CUTOFF 10 hours (8:00am to 6:00pm).


This 1700 acre property borders the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and is uninhabited.  There is a trail system on this land that will be the race route. A 250 yard field that is in the center of the property will be the home base start/finish area for the event.

50k starts at 8:00 AM; 5k starts at 12:00 PM.

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