Results of the Race to the Head of the Class 5k + 10k – December 5, 2015 – Tryon NC

Race to the head of the class 10k

This race has been around for three years and unfortunately it seems to be a race that is a well-kept secret – TOO well kept. I ran the 10k last year and this year (never mind the fact that I’m not in the results this year, my mistake with a last-minute shirt change that resulted in forgetting to put my bib back on). This is a very nice race with the high-quality organization you’ll see in much larger races. The setting is pleasant, with a warm, cozy community room to hang out in before the race starts and real indoor bathrooms. The course passes through Tryon residential areas and the quaint downtown area. The post-race breakfast is the best you’ll find and you’ll enjoy it in that same warm, cozy community room while waiting for the awards. The breakfast is produced by the same generous group of volunteers who produce the legendary post-race breakfast at the Tryon Half Marathon.

Put this on your list for next year runners.  You’ll be glad you did.

5k Overall Results

5k Age Groups

10k Overall Results

10k Age Groups

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