Colorado Super Spartan Race – May 14, 2016 – Ft Carson Army Base – Ft Carson CO


The high elevation of the Rocky Mountains adds to the challenge of the Colorado Spartan. Aside from the natural obstacles of this challenging terrain, be prepared for plenty of Special Forces training obstacles!


Welcome to Fort Carson Army Base. Earn the bragging rights of overcoming obstacles designed by the 4th Infantry and Specials Forces units in addition to the traditional Signature Spartan obstacles. This course is as challenging and inspiring as it gets — you’re at high-elevation and you’re surrounded by Spartans on a military base. This is an experience you’ll be sure to appreciate long after you conquer the course.

You’ll be tested against tough obstacles and of course, you’ll do your burpees to earn your finisher medal on the same terrain and crucibles that have continued to test this country’s finest servicemen and servicewomen.


Fort Carson Army Base
6151 Specker Avenue
Fort Carson, CO 80913


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