Tri-State New Jersey Spartan Beast Race – April 30, 2016 – Mountain Creek Resort – Vernon NJ

tri state spartan

Take on the most difficult of the three Spartan distances at Mountain Creek Resort, New Jersey. Although the event takes place in April, the large amounts of elevation change on the steep ski mountains means that you could see snow on up to 90% of the course!


Spartan Race and mountainous terrain go hand-in-hand. Luckily, for Spartans of the Northeast there’s Mountain Creek — home to the largest ski mountain in New Jersey. As with any mountain course, you’re guaranteed to see it all: peaks and valleys, slopes and climbs, ropes and walls, Spartan Kids and Spartan Pros. Discover what it means to be a Spartan and meet others as you battle toward one common goal: the finish line.

As is par for mountain courses, you’ll be sent up and down — a lot — thankfully there’s the reward of a view from the outstanding heights. Come prepared for the unexpected in the weather department… mountain weather is notoriously unpredictable. Spartans always come prepared. If this if your first time on a Spartan Race course don’t underestimate how long you’ll be out there. Be sure to bring enough to fuel you through the course. Some things are certain: there will be rope climbs, there will be barbed wire, and there will be heavy carries. No one likes 30 burpees and that’s why it’s wise to train hard, train well and be prepared to conquer each and every obstacle.


Mountain Creek Resort
120 Route 94
Vernon, NJ 07462


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