Reebok Las Vegas Super Spartan – March 19, 2016 – Mesquite MX / Hafen Ranch – Littlefield AZ


This race is 8-10 miles through the desert, with plenty of sun, some mud, and lots of obstacles along the way. If you’ve had enough of the outdoors when you are finished, you can always head to Las Vegas to enjoy the entertainment capital of the world.


If you were to make a cocktail of the sun, punishing obstacles, and a muddy course designed for off-road motorbikes, you would have the venue that will be waiting for you at the Las Vegas Super.

At Mesquite MX/Haven Ranch in Littlefield, Arizona, a new chapter of Reebok Spartan Race will challenge those brave enough to tackle a venue that typically requires engines and wheels. Located only a short drive from Las Vegas, this course is just as fast as the Nevada nightlife. At an elevation that never exceeds 900 feet, this course suits runners of all ages and abilities.

Always keen to keep racers on their toes, Spartan Race will build a challenging course of comprised of at least eight miles of rough, muddy, technical terrain that will put your grit, speed and determination to the test.


Mesquite MX / Hafen Ranch
970 East Peppermill Palms Rd.
Littlefield, Arizona 86432


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