Reebok Houston Spartan Sprint – March 12, 2016 – Lazy W. Ranch – Hempstead TX


Although the Houston Spartan Sprint course is flat, there will be plenty of obstacles to provide lot of challenge. Lazy W. Ranch is just a short drive from Houston, with abounding sights and restaurants, and from the beach.


Houston, we no longer have a problem. Spartan Race is coming.

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States with a population of over 5 million people. It’s home to numerous major league sports teams, top Fortune 500 companies, the space exploration agency, NASA, and top medical facilities in the country. Houston hosts a variety of events to please nearly every hobby and appetite. It’s strong economy has invited cultural diversity that even surpasses New York City.

Lazy W. Ranch is located outside Houston providing easy parking access to the venue and a short drive to numerous activities. Although this area is not known for mountainous terrain, speed and strength remain keys to conquering this course. Expect to race on a nearly flat landscape. That said, the lack of ascending hills to be replaced with obstacles of equal enjoyment. Check the weather forecast a week before the race and come prepared. This time of year can bring rain, a cold front and sunshine all in the same day.


Lazy W. Ranch
34523 Joseph Road
Hempstead, TX 77445


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