Reebok SoCal Super Spartan – January 30, 2016 – Vail Lake Resort – Temecula CA


The Reebok Super is the middle distance Spartan race, with more miles and distance than the Sprint race. Vail Lake Resort has plenty of other exciting outdoor activities to enjoy if you still have energy after completing the race!


Why race at Temecula? It could be argued that across the whole Reebok Spartan Race schedule, Vail Lake is the most all-encompassing venue. Boasting hills, sandy areas, grassy areas, swamps, forests, muddy areas and a 1,000 acre lake — you will be faced with every type of terrain sure to keep you on (or knock you off) your feet.

With multiple peaks overlooking over a thousand acres of land, prepare for stunning views. Steep inclines will test your legs and lungs, and the course is perfect for those who enjoy trail running.

Need a tip? Bring water with you and make sure you are well hydrated leading up to the event. It will be hot, dry and if you are not prepared, your race time will suffer. Also, the winds that whip up the sides of the higher hills have a tendency of throwing sand in the air, we recommend a buff and sunglasses to protect your face and block out the light reflections.


Vail Lake Resort 2016
38000 Highway 79 South
Temecula, CA 92592


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