Results of the Sourwood 5k – August 8, 2015 – Black Mountain NC


I love this race. There is something about it that has made me quite fond of it over the years. Mind you, the first time I participated in this race was in 2007 so my experience is a fraction of the race’s 27 year history. I’ve always liked the setting at the Cheshire Fitness Center which is off the beaten path on a stretch of road in Black Mountain that is lightly traveled.

Having said that, I didn’t bring my ‘A’ game to the race today. I think I brought my ‘D’ game. I felt reasonably good at the start but I think the humidity smoked me. I was also told by an observer that I appeared to be limping which was probably the case but I didn’t notice it.

Congratulations to Arek Robinson and Miranda Satterfield as male and female winners. I must also make a shout out for my Irish friend Tom McCormack from Jonesborough TN (Johnson City) who at 61 years old was second overall at 18:12.

Click here for age groups. Click here for pump and run results.

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