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Reebok Spartan Washington DC Sprint – August 1, 2015 – Wicomico Motorsports Park – Charlotte Hall MD


This is the shortest course of the Reebok Spartan race series. Great for athletes of all levels, the 3+ Mile Sprint includes more than 20 Signature Spartan Obstacles including mud, fire, walls and barbed wire.

Use CODE: SPEAR10 at check out to save $10 on your registration or use CODE: FINISH10 to save 10% on your registration. Use the code that gets you the best net registration price. In other words, if the registration is over $100 use 10% off (FINISH10).


Welcome to Maryland International Raceway. Sprint in our nation’s capital. A venue usually reserved for race cars will be replaced by machines much more powerful: Spartans. Form a team and come dominate this 3+ mile sprint.




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