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Reebok Spartan Vermont Beast + Sprint + Ultra – September 19, 2015 – Killington Ski Resort – Killington VT


The Beast is the most difficult of the three races. It is over 13 miles with 30-35 Spartan Obstacles. The sprint course is the shortest course of the Spartan series, at 3-5 miles. It contains 20-23 obstacles including mud, fire, walls and barbed wire. The Ultra Beast comes with strict times that must be met and covers 26+ miles. Not everyone who signs up for the Ultra will complete it.

Use CODE: SPEAR10 at check out to save $10 on your registration or use CODE: FINISH10 to save 10% on your registration. Use the code that gets you the best net registration price. In other words, if the registration is over $100 use 10% off (FINISH10).


Every Spartan Race is a baptism. The Ultra Beast is considered an exorcism. The Ultra Beast will cover 26+ miles in the hills of Vermont, with a few twists thrown in to keep it interesting. There is no map or details for the course. Don’t bother asking because we will not tell you. As always, if you’re not sure if you’re ready, or you spend more than one hour per year at Bed, Bath and Beyond, please only register for the Beast. The Ultra Beast will be too much for you.



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