Reebok Spartan Carolinas Beast + Sprint – November 14, 2015 – Carolina Aventure World – Winnsboro SC


The Beast is the most difficult of the three Spartan races. The 12-14 mile course has 30-35 obstacles to test your endurance, perseverance, grit and your mind. The sprint course is the shortest course of the Spartan series, at 3-5 miles. It contains 20-23 obstacles including mud, fire, walls and barbed wire.

Use CODE: SPEAR10 at check out to save $10 on your registration or use CODE: FINISH10 to save 10% on your registration. Use the code that gets you the best net registration price. In other words, if the registration is over $100 use 10% off (FINISH10).


Since opening its doors in 2007, Carolina Adventure world has established itself as the premier outdoor park in the South Eastern region. With over 100 miles of trails and ATV, UTV tracks scattered throughout, it is an outdoor wonderland and the site of an upcoming Spartan Race. The rolling hills and technical terrain will challenge even the most competitive Spartan.



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