Red, White & Blue Shoes 5k – July 4, 2015 – Furman – Greenville SC

This 5k starts on a downhill and finishes on a downhill. There are plenty of family events to entertain after the race. The race benefits the Furman Blue Shoes program which provides full scholarships to aspiring track athletes.


The fast and furious Red White and Blue Shoes 5K returns to Furman University on July 4, 2015. The race is held on the quickest 5K course at Furman. The race begins with a downhill start from Cherrydale Mansion to the Mall. The route circles the mall and then loops around the Duke Library at the center of campus. The course then goes across the dam at Swan Lake and takes the paved path around the lake, cutting across the gravel path at the north end of the lake. The route passes the Amphitheater, goes left on Bell Tower Road to Roe Ford Road, then goes right on Roe Ford Road back to the mall. After coming down the mall road, the route passes in front of the PAC and goes right on Cherrydale Lane, then left on Stadium Drive. The route passes by the main stadium entrance, turns left on the stadium service drive and turns left at the back gate to the stadium. The finish is at the 50 yard line on Gene Stone Field.



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