The Bear Run – July 9, 2015 – Highland Games – Linville, NC

This 5-mile race is held each year during the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. The race is a challenging run to the top of Grandfather Mountain and is not designed to be walked. “The Bear” proceeds will go to various charities in the area and the ASU Track Program.


This Bear 5-mile run begins in Linville, NC at the corner of Hwy 105 and 221. The race turns right off 221 and winds up steep climbs to the McRae Meadows, where the Games are held. It cuts across the track and up the backside to the road where you can now run 2 miles up a 1000 foot elevation gain. Your views are breath-taking, especially as you round the famous “Forest Gump” hairpin turn. You will finish at the top of Grandfather Mtn (over 5000 foot elevation) where you will be greeted by thousands of fans who have no where to go as they await the last runner.



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