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Results of the Shamrock 10k – March 14, 2015 – Asheville NC

Shamrock 5k and 10k

This was my ninth consecutive Shamrock 10k. It’s one of my favorite races and one of the most challenging 10k road races in Asheville and Western North Carolina because of the two miles or so of uphill which finally ends near the intersection of Sunset and North Griffing in North Asheville. Today started with light rain and cool temperatures, but the rain ended somewhere along the way, maybe about ten minutes in (I was busy running so I’m not sure). My 53:46 time was :48 behind last year’s time of 52:58.

Congratulations to Arek Robinson and Heidi Ertl as winners of the Shamrock 10k. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Finish Line Pros.

1Arek RobinsonArden NCM2837:53.4
2Seth Hendler-VossAsheville NCM3641:04.4
3Joe WatsonAsheville NCM4842:12.2
4Heidi ErtlRacine WIF2742:25.4
5Robert JamesonArden NCM3143:57.1
6Paul DuncanAsheville NCM4244:07.6
7Patrick SeelingFort Bragg NCM2444:34.5
8Charles ConnerAsheville NCM3144:39.8
9Jason LandrumCharlotte NCM4345:00.8
10John PhillipsArden NCM4545:47.0
11Allison JamesonArden NCF2646:28.9
12Sean FlemingFayetteville NCM2746:30.7
13Jody SmithAsheville NCF5046:43.4
14Brian HigginsAsheville NCM3047:38.7
15Joseph LordiAsheville NCM3348:17.8
16Elizabeth RollinsAsheville NCF3449:38.6
17Jeff PrivetteCandler NCM4949:38.7
18Sarah SmithNorton VAF2849:40.8
19Butch AllenBarnardsville NCM4250:05.0
20Michael AhernAsheville NCM4450:30.1
21Tony McDowellAsheville NCM4750:35.2
22Victor DostrowAsheville NCM5551:13.6
23Michael AbshireAsheville NCM3651:44.3
24Keenan GrahamAsheville NCM2552:01.6
25Meagan GeetingRidgecrest NCF3852:56.7
26Robert ChilmonikBlack Mountain NCM6153:38.1
27Dennis DuffyAsheville NCM5653:46.7
28Andrew PhelpsOdessa FLM2853:51.1
29Heather GordonAsheville NCF4054:01.9
30Miah McClintonAsheville NCF2454:21.8
31Ed DrakeMills River NCM3755:29.6
32Wilder LafondAsheville NCM3856:36.7
33Richard BockAsheville NCM5457:03.0
34Thomas RosfjordBiltmore Lake NCM6857:10.5
35Alex ReevesHickory NCM5057:20.9
36Shannon YeatmanAsheville NCF3557:30.8
37Frank TarrRoanoke VAM3657:57.7
38Robert DemetrisAsheville NCM3258:12.9
39Caroline LafondAsheville NCF3658:25.1
40Dave BaylisAsheville NCM3558:33.1
41Sarah OlesiukKnoxville TNF2858:40.8
42Kara ElumAsheville NCF3258:58.3
43Susan DuncanAsheville NCF4259:01.0
44Toni SingletonAsheville NCF2459:01.3
45John OlesiukAsheville NCM6459:11.4
46Mary EvansAsheville NCF5059:36.4
47Anne StaffordAsheville NCF331:00:24.4
48Holly BraswellAsheville NCF321:01:01.0
49Tracy KatsigiannisAsheville NCF381:01:16.1
50Lilyanne SpillengerCandler NCF271:01:16.4
51Karen SilversAsheville NCF311:01:19.1
52Susan KellyTallahassee FLF631:01:40.9
53Todd WilsonAsheville NCM491:02:13.3
54William MaysAsheville NCM701:03:12.1
55Gary EttariFletcher NCM491:03:15.9
56Jenny LarsonEtowah NCF331:04:24.3
57James StickneyAsheville NCM601:05:12.4
58Courtney WillisSwannanoa NCF301:07:02.7
59Patrick HessOak Park ILM501:07:03.8
60Thomas KotzAsheville NCM561:08:18.8
61Carol McKeeWest Union SCF561:11:57.0
62Angeleigh DorseyArden NCF461:12:10.9
63Alexandra BakerAsheville NCF451:12:34.7
64Lauren CarlisleAsheville NCF441:12:46.2
65Sarah EttariFletcher NCF431:18:53.1
66Martha MarshallAsheville NCF701:29:53.6

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