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Results of the Whistle Pig 5k – January 31, 2015 – Westgate Park – Leland NC

Whistle Pig 5k

Nice turnout for this race with 109 finishers. Congratulations to Jake Palagruto and Amy Peterson as winners of the male and female divisions respectively. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Go Time.

1Jack Palagruto Oak Island NCM1718:52.26:05
2Scott Perry Wilmington NCM3419:13.06:12
3Will Peterson Dumfries VAM3019:43.86:22
4Stephen Dees Carolina Beach NCM3419:48.66:23
5Amy Peterson Dumfries VAF3220:49.56:43
6Mikey Brogan Southport NCM4021:09.96:49
7Cameron Palagruto Oak Island NCM1422:26.17:14
8Jessica Eliot Leland NCF3522:38.17:18
9Cedric Grant Longwood NCM3422:39.37:18
10Chris Bloebaum Jacksonville NCM4722:59.27:25
11Danielle Bafunno Wilmington NCF2723:29.27:35
12Mike Walz Leland NCM5224:32.17:55
13Meghan Donovan Fuquay Varina NCF2724:48.28:00
14Kim Jodie Clayton NCF3224:54.78:02
15Chris Johnston Leland NCM3425:12.48:08
16Domenic Palagruto Oak Island NCM4925:28.98:13
17Harold Haggard Jr Leland NCM5725:55.58:22
18Tonya Gilley Oak Island NCF4225:59.28:23
19Dee Lewis Leland NCF5626:01.98:24
20Laura Totten Leland NCF4126:24.18:31
21Matthew Botts Huntersville NCM3026:58.98:42
22Dana Triplett Lewisville NCM4827:17.78:48
23Lou Galli Wilmington NCM6827:29.48:52
24James Hatcher Southport NCM4628:43.89:16
25Larry Varchetti Murrells Inlet SCM6728:47.49:17
26Gary Cook Leland NCM5728:53.49:19
27Adam Triplett Lewisville NCM1229:27.29:30
28Shannon Botts Huntersville NCF2929:32.59:32
29Jamie Casper Winnabow NCM4029:46.79:36
30Shane Williford Leland NCM3630:03.29:42
31Paige Pence Wilmington NCF4330:33.59:51
32Lauren Stephenson Wilmington NCF3130:33.99:51
33Lydia Furman Atkinson NCF1130:36.79:52
34Thomas Dixon Leland NCM1430:38.49:53
35Samantha Smith Leland NCF1330:42.59:54
36Scott Burchette Chadbourn NCM4930:43.39:55
37Renee Schrom Southport NCF4930:46.89:55
38Christine Bean Wilmington NOF6130:48.79:56
39Brian Ricker Leland NCM3831:01.910:00
40Bo Watkins Shallotte NCM3331:04.610:01
41Jennifer Smith Leland NCF3831:08.110:03
42Samantha Ward Rieglewood NCF2731:09.910:03
43Ashley Diehl Leland NCF2731:10.110:03
44Laura Scharper Southport NCF5931:10.410:03
45Maranda Register Southport NCF2631:14.310:05
46Cindy Brittain Southport NCF5131:19.410:06
47Tosha Cowan Leland NCF4731:22.910:07
48Trevor Solis Wilmington NCM2431:29.010:09
49Lindsey Mcdermott Leland NCF2631:33.710:11
50Ryan Mcdermott Leland NCM2631:33.810:11
51Lynette Pinkston Oak Island NCF5432:22.310:26
52Kimberly Paul Wilmington NCF4332:23.410:27
53Aimee Flint Wilmington NCF3633:25.210:47
54Dwayne Marlowe Hillsborough NCM4833:36.210:50
55Charles Dosher Shallotte NCM2533:49.110:55
56Freddy Gregory Holly Springs NCM5733:50.610:55
57Regan Simmons Wilmington NCF3034:37.211:10
58Nicolay Rook Wilmington NCM4034:38.011:10
59Carrie Cheatham Wilmington NCF4734:53.111:15
60Kim Bloebaum Jacksonville NCF4535:00.511:17
61Libby Kennedy Wilmington NCF5435:23.511:25
62Austin Smith Jacksonville NCM735:33.111:28
63Amy Chapman Wilmington NCF3535:39.311:30
64Jordan Carter Whiteville NCF2636:06.911:39
65Pilar Waling-May Leland NCF3636:10.411:40
66Abigail Smith Jacksonville NCF936:33.811:47
67Jeremy Smith Jacksonville NCM3836:37.211:49
68Cathy Marlowe Hillsborough NCF5437:03.311:57
69Andrea Watkins Shallotte NCF3637:13.912:00
70Kim Patterson Holly Springs NCF4737:18.312:02
71Rob Winchell Las Vegas NVM5437:35.212:07
72Mark Pompeii Holden Beach NCM5337:50.512:12
73Aundria Peacock Whiteville NCF4838:04.712:17
74Khrystye Haselden Leland NCF4438:20.212:22
75Brandon Pinette Leland NCM3538:33.612:26
76Leslie Payne Leland NCM5239:01.812:35
77Chris Poston Raleigh NCM4339:09.212:38
78Hollyann Rogers Winnabow NCF4839:10.312:38
79Ashley Bullard Whiteville NCF2739:16.712:40
80Karen Morris Suffolk VAF4839:22.112:42
81Jessica Andrews Lake Waccamaw NCF3939:22.212:42
82Kelley Huffman Sunset Beach NCF4739:57.912:53
83Kelli Edmund Chadbourn NCF4741:17.313:19
84Terri Edmund Cerro Gordo NCF4841:18.513:19
85Jodi Brown Clayton NCF4341:37.713:25
86Paula Pierce Whiteville NCF5141:45.613:28
87Cassidy Grant Longwood NCF1042:05.213:35
88Kelly Wolfe Whiteville NCF3842:08.813:35
89Steve Bentz Wilmington NCM4742:10.013:36
90Pamela Baldwin Whiteville NCF5242:10.813:36
91Dana Crater Wilmington NCF3343:30.314:02
92Geoffrey Crater Wilmington NCM3143:44.614:06
93Fran Pompeii Holden Beach NCF5743:52.614:09
94Madilyn Eliot Leland NCF1044:18.814:17
95Katherine Davis Leland NCF1045:54.414:48
96Shelly Davis Leland NCF4445:56.814:49
97Emily Schrom Southport NCF1846:06.714:52
98Kathy Sykes Southport NCF5646:36.615:02
99James Taylor Wilmington NCM5347:33.815:20
100Jessica Dixon Leland NCF3148:03.015:30
101Christine Lussier Winnabow NCF6048:35.215:40
102Jan Boswell Wilmington NCF5848:35.215:40
103Christina Stephens Castle Hayne NCF5151:52.016:44
104Rachel Dove Wilmington NCF4353:08.917:08
105Cy;Nthia Barker Southport NCF5554:55.817:43
106Julie Tyndell Wilmington NCF3656:49.918:20
107Amy Lilly Bolivia NCF3156:50.318:20
108Constance Dorman Atkinson NCF2957:07.018:25
109Trudy Trombley Leland NCF6657:16.118:28

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