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Results of the Dog Tag Dash 5k – November 15, 2014 – Crowne Plaza Resort – Asheville NC

Dog Tag Dash 5k

It was cold for the start of this race, but the sun was shining and there was little to no wind. It’s a great setting for a race – there’s no traffic because it’s principally on the golf course, following the cart trails. I believe it’s one of the most challenging 5k races in WNC with some significant hills and some downhills that are just too steep to go “all out” for some runners (like me). It was well organized and a fun event.

Congratulations to Jeff Jones and Jonna Munroe as winners of the male and females divisions respectively. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

1Jeff JonesHendersonville NCM4521:02.26:46/M
2Bryan WhiteAsheville NCM3421:24.66:53/M
3David TaylorAsheville NCM2921:51.17:02/M
4Daniel FrekingAsheville NCM2422:31.07:14/M
5Elliot TurnerMills River NCM1722:48.27:20/M
6Ryan MarshallAsheville NCM2223:30.97:33/M
7Jared ChiusanoCary NCM2724:13.17:47/M
8Andrew OpalkaPark Ridge NJM6024:51.17:59/M
9Pete DoyleGlenside PAM6425:14.78:07/M
10John DoggettAsheville NCM4525:17.58:08/M
11Victor DostrowAsheville NCM5525:30.38:12/M
12Jonna MunroeF2725:50.58:18/M
13Karl HinterkopfWeaverille NCM3825:57.38:21/M
14Dennis DuffyAsheville NCM5627:55.68:59/M
15Kristy AntonucciAsheville NCF3029:08.79:22/M
16E HigginsCanton NCM1330:22.79:46/M
17Karen SilversAsheville NCF3030:39.59:51/M
18Sherry LattinGarner NCF4330:39.89:51/M
19Michael WallsBlack Mountain NCM6131:58.510:17/M
20Evan ZeigerTaylorsville NCM2432:25.210:25/M
21Danny FarlowCandler NCM5832:38.310:30/M
22Pamela LozicaBlack Mountain NCF5132:54.110:35/M
23Eric NetroeLeicester NCM2433:03.210:38/M
24Penny GalesCherryville NCF2433:10.110:40/M
25Angela VaughanHendersonville NCF4433:29.910:46/M
26Thomas KotzAsheville NCM5633:32.010:47/M
27Kris ChapmanFletcher NCM3434:09.610:59/M
28Shawn BeaneMills River NCM4334:11.810:59/M
29Beth HooperCandler NCF4734:38.611:08/M
30Jonah GilkesonAsheville NCM1635:07.011:17/M
31Kristen MahlerAsheville NCF2235:32.611:26/M
32Iliana MoratayaAsheville NCF2235:32.611:26/M
33Ashley CondonAshevillle NCF2236:07.511:37/M
34David SlobodinAsheville NCM7537:01.011:54/M
35D HigginsCanton NCF3337:20.412:00/M
36Joshua HigginsCanton NCM3537:23.712:01/M
37Peter McHughWeaverville NCM7537:58.612:12/M
38Tammy GarrityArden NCF4738:16.412:18/M
39William EdwardsHendersonville NCM4539:15.612:37/M
40Bob GilkesonAsheville NCM5339:48.712:48/M
41Lynn RappAsheville NCF4840:20.212:58/M
42Kate McLaneAsheville NCF2340:22.712:59/M
43Kimberly JohnsonAsheville NCF6144:24.014:17/M
44Stephanie CessnaAsheville NCF3044:33.414:19/M
45Laura WallsBlack Mountain NCF6145:06.714:30/M
46Eddie PeelerAsheville NCM5147:11.015:10/M
47Brittany DaleyCandler NCF2747:23.015:14/M
48Melissa CostabileLeicester NCF3847:23.115:14/M
49Leslie BarbeeAsheville NCM3149:17.515:51/M
50Tera JabsAsheville NCF3450:30.616:14/M
51Emily EddyFletcher NCF3150:32.116:15/M
52Maxine MuellerMills River NCF2650:32.316:15/M
53Christina FordBlack Mountain NCF4953:20.617:09/M
54Cassidy FordBlack Mountain NCF2553:20.817:09/M
55Kathy DaleyCandler NCF5653:35.517:14/M
56Lydia EdwardsHendersonville NCF451:00:27.119:26/M
57Joanna ShipmanFletcher NCF51:08:12.821:56/M
58Chi ShipmanFletcher NCF311:08:14.621:56/M

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