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Results of the Marine Run 5k – August 30, 2014 – Asheville NC

Marine Run
Marine Run

Nice turnout for this inaugural event.


This was the first year for this race, which benefits a variety of worthy veteran related causes, including Fisher House and certain programs for patient amenities at the Charles George VAMC [disclosure: The latter is my employer]. While pre-race details were a bit scant, race day was very well organized. The weather was solid, if a bit humid: High 60s and sunny. The course was around the Crowne Plaza property and incorporated the golf course, a new venue to this junior correspondent. The 10k race was, essentially, two laps of the 5k course. It was rather notably hilly, and the course is, let’s say, not PR material. But, it was challenging, well monitored, and engaging. Spectator support was strong. Kudos to the organizers for a well done first year event. I will be back.

Congratulations to Logan Sullivan and Mollie Kane as winners of the male and female divisions respectively. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Logan SullivanWeaverville NcM2021:116:50
2Duane GentryAsheville NcM4825:078:05
3Anthony RendonAsheville NcM2725:128:07
4Victor DostrowAsheville NcM5525:348:14
5Karl HinterkopfM3826:128:26
6Michael LeeClyde NcM5826:308:32
7Mollie KaneF2526:428:36
8Emily PorterGreenville ScF1726:588:41
9Steven StacyApex NcM4227:428:55
10Mark RichardsonJohnson Cotu TnM5227:599:01
11Dan PerryCanton NcM6628:139:05
12Logan SinkAsheville NcM1129:019:21
13Lisa BuckiLeicester NcF4929:179:26
14Lars BalckM6929:289:29
15Brett KingAshevilleM9929:329:31
16Pia MaekieAsheville NcF1730:179:45
17Ken ShieldsWeaverville NcM4530:289:49
18Vanessa WiigForest City NcF3231:1710:04
19Bryant GrondahlCandler NcM2631:5710:17
20Mark WikeTuckasegee NcM4032:0910:21
21Dwayne BanksFletcher NcM3432:3310:29
22Angela BallAsheville NcF4133:1310:42
23James RarickM2733:3310:48
24Kyle ThomasM2233:3310:48
25Nicholas CookLeicester NcM3133:5510:55
26Melissa MccullochArden NcF6034:0710:59
27Sybil MccroreySwannanoa NcF2835:4311:30
28Cynthia HobbsF5536:1111:39
29David SaboFletcher NcM5536:4211:49
30Annette RacerFairview NcF5436:4711:51
31Allen BishopWeaverville NcM2637:0911:58
32Francisco GonzalezAsheville NcM4537:1411:59
33Rene BurchfieldWeaverville NcF5037:2712:04
34Justin YoungbloodFletcher NcM1037:2912:04
35Jason SinkAsheville NcM1237:4912:11
36Christy BanksFletcher NcF3337:5712:13
37Kevin YoungbloodFletcher NcM1038:0112:14
38Thomas CampbellLeicester NcM5638:0112:15
39Gerald AustinAsheville NcM4538:5112:31
40Haller PhoebeAsheville NcF1339:0612:35
41Billy MorrisseyAsheville NcM5239:0812:36
42Yolanda LeonAshevilleF3540:2513:01
43Deanna ConstanceLeicester NcF4941:0713:14
44Lauren PetersAsheville NcF2541:4513:27
45Nicholas GentryAsheville NcM1744:1014:13
46Cricket EvansFletcher NcF5647:4115:21
47Chloe GentryAsheville NcF1548:0115:28
48Kristin GentryAsheville NcF4748:0215:28
49Eliza PurnellF1248:1115:31
50Eliza PurnellF4548:1615:33
51Paula TreadwayCanton NcF4248:5215:44
52Teresa WheelerAsheville NcF4648:5215:44
53Sarah ShermanCanton NcF7249:2515:55
54Crystal HunterFletcher NcF2450:1616:11
55Heather WilkesSylva NcF2951:0116:25
56Julie MeaseCanton NcF4051:2516:33
57Danielle Bruckner-FlyArden NcF3451:2616:34
58Kathy DaleyCandler NcF5651:4916:41
59Scott JacksonCandler NcM4652:1016:48
60Bert KingAshevilleM9953:2017:10
61Debbie PorterGreenville ScF5053:3717:16
62Donna KaziaAshevilleF9954:3917:36
63Krista SinkAsheville NcF4755:3217:53
64Melanie KingAshevilleF9955:3317:53
65Gage BennettM859:0819:02
66Stacey SutlesM4659:0919:03
67Izeyeh McmahanM459:1019:03
68Ashton JonesM259:1019:03
69Wendy McmahanCanton NcF3859:1019:03
70Makallia SluderF161:00:0719:21
71Emanuel SluderM181:01:3519:50
72Wayne CochrenM471:01:3519:50
73Page PorterAsheville NcF441:02:0620:00
74Sutton WalkerAsheville NcF201:02:0720:00
75Chris PondAsheville NcM271:05:4821:11

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