Highland Brewing Company Run Club – First Meeting Wednesday September 3, 2014

Highland Brewing Company Run Club
Highland Brewing Company Run Club

How cool is this? On a scale of 1 (yuck) to 5 (draft me a cold one) I’d say the new Highland Brewing Company Run Club is a 5! The first EVER meeting is next Wednesday, September 3, 2014. Meet at 6:15 on the deck. If you like the Highland Tasting Room and its festive environment (like about a bazillion other folks) and like a friendly run, come on out.


The first ever meeting of the Highland Brewing Company Run Club will be September 3, 2014. Show up by 6:15 on the front deck and get ready to run! Please arrive a few minutes early to sign in and sign a waiver. The event is free and open to all levels–walkers, families, and friendly dogs are encouraged. We want everyone to come out, have a good time, exercise, and socialize. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Highland Brewing Company Run Club is a fun way to come out to the brewery, get a run in, drink some beer and socialize. We are community and family oriented, and while the meadow is open, friendly dogs can run too! Walkers are welcome, joggers are welcome, and those super-humans that can run 4 minute miles are welcome too!

Runs start from the brewery at 6:15 PM every Wednesday, rain or shine! All runs are down and back, with turn around points for a 1 mile fun run, a 2.25 mile not so fun run, or a full on 4.2 mile run.

Before your first run be sure to arrive early to get your waiver signed. Each time after please sign in on the iPad to be sure we know you showed up and ran to earn super sweet HBC Run Club incentives!

Run. Drink Highland beer. Have fun.


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