Runway 5k Cancelled for 2014

Runway 5k Cancelled
Runway 5k Cancelled

This just in from the Asheville Regional Airport (July 9, 2014):

The Runway 5K + Aviation Day is a community event presented by Asheville Regional Airport, complete with a 5K race on the airport’s runway, aircraft on display, food, music and more. The event is held if flight schedules have a window of time in which the runway is available – meaning no commercial flights are scheduled to take off or land for at least a consecutive hour. Unfortunately, the Fall 2014 flight schedules do not have an appropriate window of time available to allow for a Runway 5K. We plan to try again in the spring. Stay tuned! We’ll communicate when we know more. Thank you for your interest, or for participating in our past Runway 5K events.

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