Results of the Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon – June 7, 2014 – Ridgecrest NC

Downhill at Dawn

It was a great start this morning when we all lined up at 6:01 AM for the Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon. It was cool but humid. The first three miles are mostly flat around the Ridgecrest Conference Center before runners begin the long descent to Old Fort.

About 2.5 miles in I experienced a cramp/spasm-like feeling at the top of my right leg that was very painful. I felt fairly certain it was my upper IT band which bothers me at times but it’s never been this painful. I knew right away that I had to throw in the towel and accept a DNF. But, the ‘other Dennis’ said – maybe we can work through this. For the next two miles I walked, stopped and stretched, ran backwards and tried a really short shuffle-stride. Then I finally told the ‘other Dennis’ he was nuts and we should have quit at the first sign of pain rather than make it worse by slugging along for two more miles.

I called it quits and turned around and walked back to Ridgecrest. I drove down to Old Fort to see some of the finishers and turn in my timing chip. Time for some rest and therapy.

Congratulations to Michael Spath and Allison Pastorek as winners of the male and female divisions. Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Event Mercenaries.

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