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Results of the White Squirrel 10k – May 24, 2014 – Brevard, NC

White Squirrel Festival

The White Squirrel races are always enjoyable. The weather was pleasant this morning, the course is varied and interesting, and the race is well organized. And I was happy because I finished about a minute or so faster than last year and won my age group.

Congratulations to Matthew Anderson as first overall and first male. Congratulations to Alycia Andrade Benton as first female.

Click here for age groups. Results courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

1Matthew AndersonJamaica Plain MaM3037:23:006:01
2Gary BallBrevard NcM4539:20:006:20
3Joshua RileyBrevard NcM2539:39:006:23
4Mike ZerressenBrevard NcM5340:18:006:30
5Jay MorphisElkin NcM4041:00:006:36
6Ray GillBrevard NcM3141:24:006:40
7Christopher MellingHubert NcM2942:08:006:47
8Brent MetcalfPisgah Forest NcM3642:14:006:48
9Ryan FisherDavidson NcM1642:44:006:53
10Brian LehrHendersonville NcM5343:39:007:02
11Chris WhitlockBrevard NcM3044:36:007:11
12David JonesBrevard NcM5345:18:007:18
13Daniel LargeJacksonville FlM2945:45:007:22
14Alycia Andrade BentonBrevard NcF2646:09:007:26
15Rj PettisJacksonville FlM3247:11:007:36
16Casey KopczynskiChapel Hill NcM5247:14:007:37
17Kendal MaybinEast Flat Rock NcM3647:48:007:42
18J. Aaron AldermanBrevard NcM3848:07:007:45
19Jenny KempBrevard NcF4949:50:008:02
20Mark RollinsClyde NcM4750:11:008:05
21Michael ChildersPisgah Forest NcM4150:44:008:10
22Aaron YontzWillow Springs NcM3450:58:008:13
23Tara HammondHendersonville NcF3351:25:008:17
24Dennis DuffyAsheville NcM5551:29:008:17
25Sean LebowBrevard NcM3951:46:008:20
26Tysha OwensBrevard NcF3851:50:008:21
27Laura RollinsClyde NcF4451:54:008:21
28Richard WaltonHendersonville NcM4351:57:008:22
29Kathryn BaileyEtowah NcF3452:49:008:30
30Thomas RosfjordBiltmore Lake NcM6753:01:008:32
31Molly BehanBrevard NcF3653:46:008:40
32Crystal MorphisElkin NcF4154:23:008:45
33Jim CruickshankBrevard NcM5954:27:008:46
34Mike SearsCentral ScM4255:35:008:57
35Stacey LibbertNcF4255:36:008:57
36Ashley TolerHendersonville NcF3756:15:009:04
37Mark BinglePisgah Forest NcM5556:18:009:04
38Jane PresslerGlenville NcF3956:19:009:04
39Amanda FlurryLancaster PaF2756:37:009:07
40Adam FlurryLancaster PaM2756:37:009:07
41Alan SchumacherEfland NcM5657:53:009:19
42Ryan PolitisCornelius NcM3857:54:009:19
43Ladia KonzMoore ScF4558:10:009:22
44Kendra JarvisAsheville NcF3458:16:009:23
45David Estle-JewellFayetteville NcM2658:51:009:29
46Wendy KicklighterPisgah Forest NcF5558:58:009:30
47Joy PolitisCornelius NcF3659:16:009:33
48Jaclyn CurtisBrevard NcF3259:39:009:36
49Timothy HeadForest City NcM4759:50:009:38
50Beth Ann LehrHendersonville NcF5259:52:009:38
51Sarah YontzBlack Mt NcF3259:54:009:39
52Caroline GrahamBrevard NcF561:01:069:50
53Patricia BrooksLake Toxaway NcF631:01:139:51
54Stephanie ComptonCedar Mountain NcF281:02:009:59
55Megan BrooksKailua HiF301:02:2010:02
56Tommy DuggarBrevard NcM711:02:4510:06
57John OdellPenrose NcM681:02:5610:08
58Tim MurrayBrevard NcM751:03:2910:13
59Jeff BurgessWaxhaw NcM441:03:3110:14
60Thomas LindsayBrevard NcM641:03:3210:14
61Morgan BarclayPisgah Forest NcM681:04:0210:19
62Erin DrewBrevard NcF471:04:4310:25
63Bridget HensonCashiers NcF411:05:2410:32
64Tammy SullivanWeaverville NcF461:05:4810:36
65Kim LachlerFairview NcF491:05:4910:36
66David SlobodinAsheville NcM751:06:5510:47
67Jim MusselwhiteBrevard NcM651:08:1310:59
68Jeanne WilsonRosman NcF311:08:3711:03
69Scott JarvisAsheville NcM411:09:3011:11
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