Quest for the Crest 10k – May 31, 2014 – Burnsville, NC

Quest for the Crest 10k

This looks like one of those races that is based on a dare.


This is a 6.5 mile point to point trail race with 6,500 ft of elevation change!!! Pause and let that soak in…In the first 2.2 miles you have 3,100 ft of gain. You end up doing a vertical KM the first 2.5 miles of the race!

The difference between this and other vertical races is that they are on well groomed trails or ski slopes. This is on a rugged trail that involves being on all fours at times. You’ll have to climb over roots and rocks. The word switch back does not exist here. Oh yeah… you have to run back down the mountain on the other side (which is 100% runnable/wide open unlike the climb).

The climb is a HIKE and will be a HIKE for 75% of the people. You have plenty of time so not to worry! As you near the top it gets steeper. As you start to feel the 5,000-6,000 ft altitude slow you down you have to push harder. Before you know it you have topped out at close to 6,200 ft on the CREST of the Black Mountains. The Black Mountains are the HIGHEST mountain chain EAST of the Rockies. They are arguably the gnaliest as well. The weather here is unpredictable at best.


Online registration is available at Ultra Signup. For more information visit the race website.

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