Paris Mountain 5M – 10.5M – 15.5M – January 25, 2014 – Paris Mountain State Park – Greenville, SC

Expedition Paris Mountain

Labeled Expedition Paris Mountain, there is something for everyone in this trio of races at Paris Mountain State Park. And it looks like there’s no shortage of challenge along the way.


All 3 course lengths will start from shelter #3 at 8AM sharp. We will start out on pavement, for spacing. From shelter 3 we make our way toward the park entrance and get on the trail. Be prepared to get sprayed by the mist of a rushing waterfall, as the waters from Lake Placid spill over the dam. A scenic loop around the lake marks our start of our Expedition.

The next trail is the Mountain Creek Trail, an excellent warm up for our trek up the Mountain. All courses jump onto the Sulphur Springs trail. The Short Course will run about a quarter of the Sulphur Springs trail until it turns back towards the finish. The (10.5 & 15.5) make a left turn and climb nearly 1000 feet upward in elevation to the top of the mountain.

OK, catch your breath if you can but here’s where things get fun. The park has a road that remains closed all year, unless you’re staying at the Buckhorn Lodge which is at the bottom of the mountain. We are getting special access to this road for our race and we are going down the mountain by way of this spectacular section of park road. At the very bottom we get on “hike only” Brissy Ridge and it’s back up to the top by way of a technical and very steep section of single track. At the top the (10.5) will start down toward the finish line.

The (15.5 mile) is just getting warmed up and will continue down, away from the finish, to explore the remote and outer boundary of the park. Expect numerous stream crossings, tons of roots, rocks, jumping many down trees and a jaunt beside the parks North Lake.

NOTE: 15.5 Mile time limit: Our sweeper will give everyone a generous head start & will be walking/jogging and picking up signs. Don’t let the sweeper pass you. If you do your race has finished.


Online registration is available at For more information, visit the race website.

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