Crying for Boston

Crying for Boston

I first learned of the explosions at the Boston Marathon as I was leaving my office and passed a muted television tuned to some non-stop news channel. I listened to learn more on NPR as I drove home. This is an incredibly senseless act of violence that killed at least three, including an eight year-old child, and maimed scores more. It’s difficult to find any words that adequately describe how I feel.

The Boston Marathon is a dream for many runners. For some, this insanity has turned that dream into a nightmare. My thoughts go out to all who were affected by this – physically or emotionally. My endless gratitude goes out to all the first responders who saved lives. Some of those first responders are those who act in that role as their profession and many in this case were runners who instinctively acted to become spontaneous first responders after completing their own 26.2 mile journey.



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