Du the Du Asheville Duathlon – March 23, 2013 – Biltmore Estate – Asheville, NC

Looks like a fun, challenging duathlon on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate, becoming an increasingly popular athletic event venue. Description from the race organizers:

At 9am on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013, endurance athletes of all abilities will step to the start line, hearts booming in anticipation, to compete in the first ever multi-sport event held at Biltmore. Are you ready to Du the Asheville Duathlon?! This 5k road run, off-road 10.75 mile bike and then another 5k run through packed dirt and single track challenges both mind and body.

For the French aristocrat in all of us, this rough-cut, crown-emerald of a race sweeps participants through a mystical journey, back to a time, when the estate might have resembled an 15th century countryside plantation, complete with a game-stocked forest, working vineyards, and a cold mountain river rushing by. Racers on this day will be lords of the land they claim under fast plowing feet and spokes.

And the seminal moment is a pace quickening dash across the Estate’s signature 264 foot bridge standing mightily over the French Broad River. As racers pump across this stone-hardened trestle, they’ll slice through a refreshing undulating zephyr, forged below in the veins of the ancient river. Crossers are flanked by a dual set of cloverleaf-style railings, spanning the entire corridor, which unites the western and eastern hemispheres of Biltmore’s expansive 8000 acre property.

Online registration is available at imAthlete. For more information, visit the race website.

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