Paris Mountain Road Race | Road Warrior Half Marathon – December 1, 2012 – Greenville, SC

This race has always been known as the Paris Mountain Road Race and it’s been a 20k race for roughly a million years. But wait, this year marks a new chapter in Paris Mountain racing history. They’ve added one more kilometer to make this the ‘Paris Mountain Road Warrior Half Marathon.’

From the race organizers:

2012 marks the 42nd edition of the legendary Paris Mountain Road Race and a new chapter in the history of the race – the new PMRR Half Marathon! Every PMRR race up to this time has been a 20K. It was a unique distance 40 years ago and it’s even odder today. So the decision has been made to add an extra 0.67 mile to the 20K to make it 13.1 miles. If you’re looking for a new half marathon, it’s here – the new PMRR half marathon!

Old traditions die hard, so we’re not giving up on the 20k just yet. We’ll still record a 20K split for all runners. That way you can compare your 20K time to previous years in addition to comparing your new PMRR half marathon time to your other half marathon race times. We don’t guarantee this will be your fastest half marathon ever, but we do guarantee it will be one of the toughest. Every finisher in the PMRR half marathon earns official Road Warrior headgear!

There’s also a 5K. Get all the details including costs, course maps and tons more at the race website. Online registration is available at Go Green Events:

Half Marathon Registration
5k Registration

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