The Ascent 3.7 Mile Run – August 12, 2012 – Blue Ridge Mountain Club – Boone, NC

This is an event that has been a 9.25 mile uphill bike race and in 2012 they’ve introduced a 3.7 mile uphill running race. We love this kind of stuff in Western North Carolina.  From the race organizers:

Its official: we will be holding a run in conjunction with the Ascent this year – start at Watson Gap Pavilion and finish at the top for 3.7 miles with about 1,300′ of climbing. Unlike other hill climbs, your friends and family can watch from anywhere along the route, and can drive you down from the top.

The Ascent run is the second stop in the High Country Summit Series. Along with The Bear and The Knob, runners can now test their mettle in a series constituted of the hardest hill climbs in the South.

Registration is only $25 with NO PROCESSING FEES until August 1, so sign up now and save big!

The run starts at 11:00 AM.  Online registration is available at For more information, visit the race website. Stay plugged in by liking the Ascent Facebook Page.

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