River Bound Race Series 5k and 10k – October 6, 2012 – North Carolina Arboretum – Asheville, NC

The second event in the 2012 Asheville River Bound Race Series at the North Carolina Arboretum.

From the race organizers:

The River Bound Trail Race Series is a signature trail running series of races featuring some of the most scenic and challenging trails in the entire Southeastern United States.

This series of running races is designed for a large range of runners, including everyone from those who want to try their first 5K trail run to those interested in a challenging 10K trail run. The 2012 series of trail running events consist of two days of racing: a 5k or 8K race on June 9th and a 5k or 10K race on October 6th.

The River Bound Race Series started in Charlotte, NC two years ago and has been voted The Best Trail Run in North Carolina in 2011 by Endurance Magazine. The inaugural year for the race events in Asheville will take place on the 430-acre/10-mile trails of the Arboretum, NC, just off the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.

Asheville events are independent of the Charlotte Race Series.

The Asheville River Bound Race is a fundraising event to assist youth, teachers and veterans in the Asheville community. 100% of the proceeds will enable individuals to receive full scholarship on Outward Bound Programs. We have three different programs specific for each group:

Youth will receive full scholarship on 21-day wilderness course (program cost $3,500)
Teachers will receive full scholarship for Educators Initiative, 12 month long professional development (program cost $3,800)
Vets are enrolled on a 6-day Veterans course to assist with PTSD and civilian life reintroduction

We are currently working in conduction with the Asheville public schools and the VA hospital to identify the recipients mentioned above. We work mostly with heads of the schools and student counselors. All our fundraising is forward funded, meaning we first raise the money, than select the recipients. At the end of the year all race participants, supporters and sponsors will receive an email informing the results of their joined effort.

For more information and to register, visit the race website.

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