Foot Rx Foot Tag Challenge – March 3, 2012 – Asheville, NC

This is a three-race series with the first race on Saturday March 3, 2012. I’ve included the details about the series below, as previously published by Foot Rx Asheville. The second race is June 9th and the final race is November 17th. It’s just $15 for the three races. That’s right runners, five bucks for a 5k. That’s just just a buck a kilometer. I’m not passing this up.

Here are the deets:

Foot Tag Challenge 5k Series

DATE: March 3, 2012.

Registration starts at 7am at Foot Rx – 1979-A Hendersonville Rd. Asheville, NC 28803.  Pre-Registration available at the store.  Race Starts from the Store at 8am.

How this works:

  • $15 pays for 3 5k races, Foot Tag (key chain sized Foot Rx “F”) & Awards.
  • March 3 – Race #1 – 5k – Your finish place gives you a numbered “Foot Tag” 1st place = #1, 2nd place = #2, etc. Men & Women are separate divisions & thus different Tag colors.
  • In between Race #1 & #2, you can challenge lower numbered Foot Tag participants at local area races. Who ever has the better finish place takes the lower numbered Tag. Participants will be posted on our Blog. Tags are to be worn on shoes. All challenges must be accepted.
  • People who did not do race #1 can buy in at Foot Rx Running for $15. They will receive the next available Tag #.
  • Race #2 June 9 – We will race 5k again & reshuffle the Tags based on Finish Place.
  • Between Race #2 & Race #3, participants may continue to challenge others at local area races.
  • Race #3 Nov. 17 – We will race one final 5k to determine final Tag Numbers which in turn will determine awards (see below for awards breakdown). To be eligible for awards, you MUST race the final 5k!


1. Tags must be worn at races on the participants shoe.
2. Challenges must be issued from a higher tag # to a lower tag # before the race begins. No challenges can be issued once a race begins!
3. No challenge can be refused!
4. If the person with the lower tag # drops out of the race, they automatically forfeit their tag # to the challenger, no matter what the reason (including injury)!
5. All tags must be exchanged post-race. If some-one leaves the race without the exchange taking place, the deserter will be given the next highest # available. Please report deserters to
6. Any one can buy in to the Challenge Series after it begins for $15, but they will receive the next highest tag # available.
7. All Participants in the series will be posted on the blog so every one knows who is participating & who they can challenge.
8. In the case of a tie, no tag exchange will take place. If the tie takes place in the final race, & affects the distribution of awards, the award for the given place will be split between the tying runners.
9. To be eligible for awards, participants must complete Race #3.


Top 10 Male & Female Overall
Top Male & Female finisher in the following Age Groups:
19 + Under

No double Dipping on Awards!

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