Results of the Hot Chocolate 10k – January 21, 2012 – Isaac Dickson School – Asheville, NC

When I was driving to Isaac Dickson School this morning for the 5th annual Hot Chocolate 10k the sky didn’t look too bad. There were plenty of clouds about but the sun was shining through and I thought perhaps we’d be spared from the rain that was, by all accounts, a sure thing.

At about 8:40, as I was waiting for the race start inside the school building, I saw loads of people streaming back inside to escape the pre-race downpour and realized we weren’t going to stay dry in this race. The rain let up just before the race start and it was wet downhill start for more than a thousand runners. Once the course flattened out we had some puddles to navigate but the worst was yet to come.

About 24 minutes into the race, as I was a bit more than halfway through the park, the sky opened up and the steady, heavy rain commenced. From that point it was the splish-splash dash all the way to the uphill pull where the finish line hides around the final bend. I finished in 52:14, 50 seconds off last year’s time.

Click here for age groups. Following are the overall results, courtesy of Right on Time Productions.

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